Union honors Jaylan Lewis as Investigator of the Month

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland with Detective Jaylan Lewis

HPOU has named Detective Jaylan Lewis as the February Investigator of the Month for his outstanding work in the year that just ended.

Here is the story of his achievements.

On last Nov. 17, while on his assigned duty as an investigator for the Cyber and Financial Crimes Division, Detective Lewis received a call from a member of the apartment management community. Lewis has worked diligently at educating the apartment management community on what fraudulent activity looks like.

On this date, one of Lewis’ contacts (Ms. White) called and inquired about a situation presented to her at her apartment complex. White is the manager at The Travis high rise apartment complex, where a male had presented what appeared to be a false identification and Social Security identification. Ms. White performed a closer check on the identity of the male and received a fraud alert. This was why she called Lewis, who promptly dispatched a patrol unit that took the male into custody.

Detective Lewis was able to instruct the training unit on how to process the scene and collect evidence. Lewis was able to conduct interviews on the male suspect and also a female suspect who was with the male at the time of the incident.

The detective obtained a confession from the male suspect that resulted in two felony charges of Fraudulent Possession of Identifiers and one felony charge of Tampering with a Government Document.

Although the female suspect did not want to admit to any wrongdoing, Detective Lewis was still able to charge her with one count of Tampering with a Government Document and one count of Fraudulent Possession of Identifiers.

Lewis was able to do so based on his interviews with the many complainants in this case. He continued his efforts days after the initial arrest to reach an astounding 100-plus identifiers established through his research and phone calls.

Detective Lewis worked succinctly with the Harris County District Attorney’s Financial Crimes Section to bring justice to the 40 complainants in this case.