Union honors Officer D. Senz as Investigator of the Month

Officer Danny Saenz is the handler for one of the most productive and prolific confidential informants to ever work for the Houston Police Department Narcotics Division.

In August of 2014, Officer Saenz’s informant introduced him to an upper-level narcotics distributor in the area of Hillcroft and the Southwest Freeway. Several controlled buys ensued, and Officer Saenz was eventually introduced as an undercover officer purchasing kilos of meth.

This investigation eventually targeted the drug activities of two significant individuals in Mexico who were responsible for smuggling large kilogram quantities of cocaine into the United States, specifically Houston, for distribution to Massachusetts, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio.

This investigation was named Dark Skye for identification purposes. Investigators with the HPD in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration began targeting Juan Deloera, who occupied a leadership role within this organization. During the first phase of this investigation, agents employed the use of 19 Title III intercepts, 11 pen registers and 10 GPS pings, resulting in 39 arrests, the seizure of 97 kilograms of cocaine, 8.6 kilograms of heroin, 16.4 kilograms of meth and $2,919,939 in cash, four vehicles and 10 guns.

On July 1, under phase II of this operation, investigators appeared before the federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Texas, which returned a true bill of indictment for an additional 16 members of this drug trafficking organization, leading to the successful conclusion of Dark Skye.

Officer Saenz and his confidential informant are solely responsible for the initiation of this complex, in-depth six-year investigation that resulted in significant seizures and arrests. Officer Saenz represents the highest ideals of quality investigations which represent the Houston Police Department Narcotics Division.