Union to sponsor Healing Crusade July 1 to restore God’s spiritual coping

The year 2020 had COVID-19, the George Floyd protests and related controversies along with the deadly freeze and the loss of four HPD officers.

In response to this highly stressful period, the Houston Police Officers Union will sponsor its Healing Crusade on Thursday, July 1 with the purpose of introducing to officers some pertinent spiritual resources and knowledge “to help them deal with these challenging times through the word of God,” HPOU Board Member Rhonda Williams explained.

Williams, head of HPOU’s Family Assistance Committee, also cited the city’s increase in crime rate that happened along with all the other stressful situations of 2020.

“With these serious identified factors, the HPOU believes that not enough attention is centered on spiritual healing through the Gospel,” Williams wrote to spiritual leaders from all across the city.

“It is no better time than now to provide spiritual intervention to renew and revive our fellow officers as they continue to serve and protect our community.”

Williams has invited each of these spiritual leaders to the event to participate as speakers “to encourage and share God’s word of hope to fellow officers.”