Upcoming History: HPD’s female officers

December 1917: The very first HPD female officer was Eva Bacher, Detective – Intrastate and Interstate Pullman Car robberies and thefts; “vice and morals” cases; world traveler.

August 16, 1955:  First female officers through the HPD Academy – Chief Jack Heard:  Addie Jean Smith, Jo Bankston, Mercedes Halvorsen Singleton and Emily Rimmer Vasquez

1968: First female Homicide Detective in the United States (and HPD) was Lannie Dickson Stevenson.

1974: the first sex crimes detectives were Pat Faulks (the very first), Jessie White, Rosemary Rowell, Carolyn Ewton and Terry Stark

Robbery Detectives:  Phyllis Aranza [later Deputy Chief], Janet Lee, Pam Jackson [McConathy]

March 7, 1975: First female probation officers to go directly on the streets were the women in Class 67, sworn in on March 7, 1975.

These officers, and many more, all made history at the Houston Police Department in their own inimitable way.  We’ll try to outline some of their careers in future articles.

Stay safe and cool.