Veeps Griffith and Nealy reelected in latest HPOU board elections

The annual Houston Police Officers’ Union board election and its subsequent runoff were conducted without a hitch, seeing the reelection of both 1st Vice President Doug Griffith and 2nd Vice President Ken Nealy.

Only one runoff was needed – in the race for Board Position No. 10 in which Senior Officer Eric Carr defeated Officer Michael Barton by 50 votes.

This was the year board members in even-numbered positions were up for election. Besides Position No. 10, there were only three other contested elections – for Board Positions 6, 8 and 20. The remaining board positions are held by incumbents who did not face opponents in this year’s election.

In those other contested races:

Position 6: Senior Police Officer Christian Dorton defeated Officer Raul Juarez 665-471.

Position 8: Officer Ricky Brasuell defeated Officer Alfred Rene’ Rivera 624-488.

Position 20: Officer John Daily defeated Officer Norma Lazo 668-463.

The new board will be sworn in Jan. 7.