Vehicle Pursuit

HPOU’s Lam with Leon & Sanchez

On November 12, 2023, at approximately 2315 hours, Officer Nathan Leon and Officer Justin Sanchez were on routine patrol when they located a stolen vehicle near the 1400 block of W. Orem Dr. Officer Leon and Officer Sanchez maintained a safe distance from the stolen vehicle while waiting for additional units before attempting to stop the vehicle. While following the stolen vehicle, a suspect inside the stolen vehicle brandished a black handgun and pointed it in the direction of the officers. Officer Nathan Leon and Officer Justin Sanchez activated their emergency equipment and attempted to stop the stolen vehicle. The suspect refused to obey and fled in the stolen vehicle prompting a vehicle pursuit. After a short vehicle pursuit, the stolen vehicle came to a stop. The suspect exited the vehicle and fled on foot despite repeated commands by officers. The suspect also produced the black handgun and discarded it while fleeing. The suspect was apprehended by Officer Leon and Officer Sanchez and the black handgun was recovered.

A thorough investigation afterwards was conducted which revealed that the stolen vehicle was linked to two separate violent robberies. Officers also recovered a black ski mask and a substantial amount of money in the suspect’s possession clearly indicative that a fresh robbery had occurred. The suspect was charged with Aggravated Assault – Peace Officer. Officer Leon and Officer Sanchez displayed exceptional judgement and courage in the face of apparent danger and for that the union awards them Patrol Officers of the Month.




Author Editorial Staff

Published March 11, 2024