Victim of a Gypsy Confidence Scam

HPOU’s Lam with Sebastian

An elderly citizen in Westside had been the victim of a Gypsy confidence scam in which a safe was taken during a distraction theft resulting in $174,000 in jewelry and money being stolen. Officer Sebastian only had pictures of 3 unknown suspects and a vehicle description from surveillance footage to go on. Officer Sebastian reviewed thousands of flock pictures and was able to locate the suspect vehicle.

Officer Sebastian reached out to other police departments around the Houston area as well as out of state to collect more information and identify multiple suspects. Officer Sebastian requested the assistance of the CAT team. The CAT team conducted surveillance and moved to apprehend the suspects which resulted in a pursuit that led to additional charges being filed. The identified suspects and surveillance conducted also resulted in additional charges and cases from surrounding jurisdictions with more still being located. Through his efforts, Officer Sebastian was able to identify a crime syndicate that moves throughout the country, and for that the union awards him investigator of the month.





Published January 8, 2024

Author Editorial Staff