We Need Your Nominations for Officer and Investigator of the Month

If you are not aware, the HPOU recognizes a Patrol Officer and Investigator every month with a $50 gift card. We need your help in ensuring we have officers to recognize every month. In January, there were no submissions and thus no officers were recognized.  We know it wasn’t because officers weren’t doing a great job, we know our officers are doing amazing things out there every day. This is where we need your help, we don’t hear about these stories, and we need you to tell them to us! This not only helps officers feel they are appreciated but it also allows the HPOU to brag on our officers and highlight the virtuous acts of their service to our community. We have tried to make the way to nominate someone as painless as possible, it’s a one-page form, the submissions are taken online at hpou.org.  To make it even easier we are providing the links below for nominations. Please, please get us your stories so we can recognize officers/investigators every month. 98497


Patrol Officer of the Month Nominations: Patrol Officer of the Month Nominations – Houston Police Officers’ Union (hpou.org)

Investigator of the month Nominations: Investigator of the Month Nominations – Houston Police Officers’ Union (hpou.org)