With gratitude from members…

Thank you for the beautiful plant.

The Barringer Family


HPOA – Retired Sgt. David B. Houston

My sincere gratitude for your remembrance of Dave.  He thought law enforcement an honorable career and was proud to be part of HPD.  He especially loved interacting with the public while on patrol – the good and bad, as well as teaching ethics and leadership at the academy.  From the beginning when he was a cadet in 1983, the class became a family and supported us in very lean times.  I will never forget that.  Our prayers for police officers as they face an unknowing daily challenge daily.  Dave’s prayer, and mine, is that officers develop that relationship with the Lord so that when their time comes, they too will say ‘I’m ready to go home’ and know with certainty where they will go and with whom they will be.


C. Houston


Your thoughtfulness and support is much appreciated more than words can say.

Thank you.

Sincere gratitude,

Marianna Bailey & Family


Dear The Houston Police Officers’ Union,

Thank you for the beautiful arrangement for Amber L. Harmon.

With love & gratefulness from our family.

Jim and Deanie Boy

Don Harmon