With high tempatures, tempers: KEEP YOUR COOL!

Summer has definitely arrived in Houston. In fact, we are in the middle of a pretty intense heat wave. Temperatures are crazy high, it’s muggy and the heat simply feels oppressive when you step outside.

As any LEO knows (and research shows)….with higher temperatures comes hotter tempers. The heat makes being outside, in the car and possibly even in the house uncomfortable and unpleasant, and this in turn results in more irritable and frustrated people.

Anger is not a “bad” emotion. In fact, anger is a natural adaptive response to threats. Evolutionary-wise we need a certain amount of anger to survive. However, anger in excess or unregulated can wreack havoc on our daily lives and relationships.

With tempers and temperatures flaring all around you, it’s even more important to KEEP YOUR COOL! Here are some quick and easy ways to ensure you stay chill this summer.

  1. Calm your body through deep breathing, muscle relaxation, meditation etc. When we feel anger, our bodies respond. If we can calm that response, our anger response will be more regulated.
  2. Re-structure your thoughts. Redirect negative thinking to something more positive. For example, if a restaurant is taking too long with your order rather than fixate on the time being wasted and get angrier…switch your thoughts to being grateful for the extra time with your spouse and children or for the extra time to just sit and take a moment to relax.
  3. Make sure your thoughts are grounded in actual reality and not the reality you’ve created in your head. Don’t assume your spouse’s bad mood is about you or that your boss is out to get you when they ask you to stay late. Logic undermines anger, because even justified anger, can become irrational.
  4. Communicate what is going on with you. Let those around you know your thoughts and feelings about the issue that’s sparking your irritation in a calm, straightforward manner.
  5. Seek a solution. Rather than just venting and not getting anywhere, problem solve. Find alternatives and solutions.
  6. Find the humor in the situation. Laugh at yourself. Relieve some of the tension with a good chuckle. Nothing is so serious all the time that you can’t find a least a glimmer of humor.
  7. Last but certainly not least, simply walk away. Change your location. Get some space and time between you and the trigger. Heading to the bathroom and splashing some water on your face rather than yelling at your server about the wait time for the food is always going to be the better choice.

Anger is a tough emotion. It can easily become our go-to for all other emotions. Something sad happens—we feel angry. We get startled or scared—we feel angry. Many times, our level of and response to anger needs more intervention. If that’s you, give us a call (832-394-1440). Don’t let anger get you overheated this summer!