Woman wanting to commit suicide

HPOU’s Lam with Officer Washom

On May 20th, Officer Washom was dispatched to a welfare check where there was a report of a woman wanting to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Officer Washom arrived at the location but was not able to locate the consumer because the location was determined from a phone ping. Officer Washom called the consumer and began to establish a rapport by empathizing and communicating to her that his top priority was locating her and getting her help. Officer Washom was able to get the consumer to provide him with landmarks and he immediately began driving to where the consumer may have been.

Officer Washom was able to give dispatch updates as he got them and also asked for assistance from patrol officers in another district.

While en route to the location, Officer Washom stayed on the phone with the consumer and provided emotional support.  Officer Washom located the consumer who was standing on the ledge of a bridge and appeared to be in distress. Officer Washom continued to build rapport in an effort to persuade her off the ledge. While speaking with Officer Washom, the consumer took a few steps back from the ledge and Officer Washom took the opportunity to tactically take the consumer into custody in a safe manner. The consumer was transported to Greater Heights Hospital where she was admitted and further evaluated. Officer Washom demonstrated great communication skills and took heroic action and for that the union awards him patrol officer of the month.




Author Editorial Staff

Published September 11, 2023