Dog tags of encouragement help remind officers of God’s presence

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 07.1.21

As a colonel in the United States Army, David Dodd commanded troops in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. He showed total devotion to his troops and constantly sought ways to keep morale up and provide faith and hope. Col. Dodd found that the best way to strengthen and encourage American soldiers was by constantlyRead more


Editor Staff on 07.1.21

BANKS Mr. Cedric D. Banks passed away on Friday, June 4, 2021, at the age of 59. He is the father of Police Officer Karen R. Banks, assigned to the Northeast Division. Services were held June 11 with burial in Houston Memorial Gardens. BLOUNT Retired Police Officer Ralph E. Blount passed away on Tuesday, JuneRead more

Upcoming History: HPD’s female officers

M. D. Beale, Jr., Rt. HPD Sgt. on 07.1.21

December 1917: The very first HPD female officer was Eva Bacher, Detective – Intrastate and Interstate Pullman Car robberies and thefts; “vice and morals” cases; world traveler. August 16, 1955:  First female officers through the HPD Academy – Chief Jack Heard:  Addie Jean Smith, Jo Bankston, Mercedes Halvorsen Singleton and Emily Rimmer Vasquez 1968: FirstRead more

Meet Ruth and Stassi

BARC on 07.1.21

  We have a double dose of #PawsAndPatrol for you! Officer Doug and Officer Shannon came to visit today as part of our partnership with Houston Police Officers’ Union. A partnership in place to help us shine a spotlight on some of our available pets. Today Ruth and Stassi got to spend some time withRead more

Memorial to ‘Officer Abigail’ and Jason Knox serves as inspiration

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 07.1.21

Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey remembers the moment in December 2018 he laid eyes on this precious little girl who would become a part of his life – on or off duty – for the next calendar year. Chief Garivey knew from a Facebook post that Abigail Arias’ chemo treatments were not working. Her doctorsRead more

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The Presidents Message

Attitudes toward officers makes proactive policing very difficult, yet we HPD officers have more support than officers in most big cities

I came onto the Houston Police Department in 1990 in class No. 142.  During my entire career I have been incredibly proud of the department and consider it one of the best police departments in the nation.

I can recall times when other departments would look to Houston and ask us to help train other departments.  We have led the nation with our innovative homeless outreach and mental health response teams (CIRT).  I have always considered myself a proactive officer being in the Gang Task Force, Divisional Gang Unit, and the Tact Team at Southeast.

I know firsthand that proactive policing is necessary to keep crime rates down and the community safe.  If it were not for great proactive patrol officers and line level Tac and Gang units, the City of Houston would have been crime ridd

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Let’s discuss professionalism, which now begins with the old adage: Watch your language


I’m sure that it is easy for those in Command to look at body camera videos and determine what you should be doing and saying in the streets, but we all know the realities of a high-stress scene.

Over the last few years, I have sat on the Administrative Discipline Committee fighting for officers over discipline recommendations. With the introduction of the Body Worn Camera systems there was a quick downturn on discipline cases as the cameras were somewhat of a shock to our system.

The department found that officers were much more professional when on camera. Over the years I have noticed that officers curse quite a bit on video, which has not been a problem when dealing with violent suspects.

As we all know, over the last year there has been a lot more scrutiny over

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A new HPD chapter begins with Chief Finner; meanwhile in Austin, we have battles to fight

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at the HPOU. We, like most of you, were surprised at the announcement that Chief Acevedo was taking the chiefs job in Miami.

With the quick announcement came a lot of questions and speculation. I have spoken with Chief Acevedo and he told me that this was a move that he did not expect, but after being offered the job and speaking with his wife felt that it would be good for the family.

I want to thank Chief Acevedo for his dedication to the City of Houston and its citizens. I know we did not always agree on issues or decisions, but I have a lot of respect for him as an individual and how he was never afraid to address tough issues.

Now for the next chapter of the Houston Police Department under our new chief, Troy Finner.

I first met

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Whether wintertime snow or spring or summer hurricanes, the Union hall will be on task to help all Houston police officers

I hope everyone made it through “snow-pacalypse” 2021. I know many of you are dealing with damage caused by the winter storm that hit us last week and our prayers are with you.

We were truly blessed here at the HPOU as we try to stay prepared for emergency events. Sunday evening, I was working the GRB warming center when Bobby Kessler contacted me regarding the ability to open the Union hall to give officers a warm place to come during the cold weather.  We agreed to get as much food and snacks as possible before the stores closed.

Upon leaving the GRB, I immediately went to the Union and met with Bobby,who had obtained an entire truckload of supplies.  We then opened the Union hall and provided snacks and drinks the first night.

We continued to operate the Union around the

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Could this be the end of proactive policing?

Most of you know me and know that I have been a proactive officer my entire career. This is the first time I have ever felt that we could be seeing the death of proactive policing.

Like most of you, I was astounded by the indictment of Officer Gallegos for Murder relating to the Harding Street raid from Jan. 28, 2019. Make no mistake about it, this is nothing more than TV justice for this district attorney.

I find it a little odd that she would bring this charge three days before the time limit for the family to file a wrongful death lawsuit. I also find it suspect that the attorney for the family is the same attorney that DA Ogg hired to work on the Arkima case, which was another case she filed for political reasons – and lost!

As I stated in my press conference, Officer Galleg

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