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Editorial Staff on 04.8.24

Thank you so much for the beautiful Peace Lily.  It means a lot to me and my girls to know he worked for a wonderful, caring police department and the Union was there for him. God’s blessing to HPOU Board of Directors. The Family of John “Jack” Sevcik   I wanted to thank the HPOURead more

Shooting in Progress

Editorial Staff on 04.8.24

Officer Nicholas Wallis is assigned to Northeast and responded to a report of a shooting in progress. While en route, Officer Wallis received new information that there were multiple complainants spread across several scenes. Officer Wallis began his investigation at the original scene and worked methodically to collect statements from all available complainants and witness.Read more


Editorial Staff on 04.8.24

Anderson, George Arthur Mr. George Arthur Anderson passed away on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at the age of 73. He is the father of Police Officer April M. Anderson assigned to the Recruiting Division. He is also the father-in-law of Police Officer Armando Gomez Jr. assigned to the Vehicular Crimes Division. A Memorial Service wasRead more


Shannon Barker, Editor on 04.8.24

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo came to town Tuesday, February 27 and concluded Sunday March 17, 2024. The event always starts with the rodeo cookoff prior to the concert lineup and rodeo events. The Rodeo included all your typical rodeo events, bull riding, steer roping, bareback riding, steer wrestling etc., and a variety ofRead more

7-Day Suspension Reduced to 1-Day

David Thomas, HPOU Staff Attorney on 04.8.24

During a one-day hearing on February 26, 2024, HPOU Staff Attorney David Thomas represented a North Division Officer in his arbitration appeal of a 7-Day Suspension, which was issued on January 31, 2024, by Chief Finner.  The Officer was alleged to have violated General Order 400-28 (Body Worn Cameras – Activation). The City was representedRead more

Peace Officer Memorial Upcoming Events

Shannon Barker, Editor on 04.8.24

The Texas Peace Officers Memorial and Candlelight Vigil will be Sunday evening at 6:45 pm, April 28th on the grounds of the Texas Capitol located at 1100 Congress Avenue. This year the Houston Police Department will add one of its own to the Texas Memorial wall, Houston Police Officer J. D. Wilbanks whose end ofRead more

GARY GRYDER 7th Annual Tournament Recap

Shannon Barker, Editor on 04.8.24

The 7th annual Gary Gryder Memorial Softball tournament took place March 8 -9, 2025 in Baytown and concluded with another successful year. This year’s fundraiser will benefit Houston Police Officer Paul Henry who is battling cancer. The tournament raised over $5,000 to help with his treatment and expenses. A special thank you to Assist theRead more

Outcry from 13-Year-Old Girl

Editorial Staff on 04.8.24

Detective Iwai was assigned a case in which a 13-year-old girl outcried to her school principal about a teacher texting her inappropriately. Detective Iwai determined the teacher not only texted multiple young female students in a sexually explicit manner, but had also engaged in sexual intercourse with at least one of them on school property.Read more

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The Presidents Message

Honor, Integrity, Respect

I still have my challenge coin that was given to me by a chief who felt that the department needed to be reminded of their oath.  I said it then and I will say it now, if I need a coin to remind me to do what is right, I need to find a new job!  I stand by that thought today as we see our department crumbling around us. The officers who continue to do real police work around this department are the ones who truly exemplify “honor” within the ranks.  They continue to work even though the department will discipline them for just doing their jobs. We have seen this several times recently with heavy discipline for chases.  The department was unable to find them in violation of the chase policy, so they hit them with “incident management”.  IAD is partially correct, it is managemen

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Just Keep Bailing….

As I sit here and type this article, I believe that the department is at one of its lowest points in my 33 years. This started with Acevedo and his inability to properly manage such a large department without heavy-handed discipline.  It was evident that he was above his head and as time went on the morale of the department continued to decline.  When he finally left for greener pastures (or whiter beaches) we felt that Chief Finner may be the right person to turn this slow-moving ship around.  Unfortunately, the morale has continued to sink into the depths of the abyss.

There have been many times when I have sat with the Chief and did my best to get him to understand what the rank and file felt.  We have had some very heated discussions over different issues. This is not the time t

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