Simple guidelines for a healthier 2023…and beyond

Puja Sehgal, MD on 01.9.23

Seems as though every January we make the same New Year’s resolutions. You know the ones: Exercise regularly, eat healthier, lose unwanted pounds, and quit smoking and other bad habits.         This year, try following a few basic suggestions I’ve put together to help guide you toward a healthier life, feel moreRead more

New year, new Badge and Gun

Shannon Barker, Director on 01.9.23

As we head into the New Year there are going to be some changes to the Badge and Gun online publication. Ultimately, the changes are aimed at increasing readers and participation amongst the members. Starting in this publication, two payroll numbers will be hidden, they could be anywhere in the publication such as an articleRead more


Editorial Staff on 01.9.23

Adler, Gary L. (RETIRED) Retired Senior Police Officer Gary L. Adler passed away on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at the age of 76. He is preceded in death by his wife, Mrs. Alice Adler. Officer Adler began his law enforcement career on November 10, 1976 with the City of Houston Airport Police Department. On NovemberRead more

Sam Woolf

Beth Woolf, Sister on 01.9.23

Sam Woolf November 5, 1956 – December 23, 2022 Houston SWAT Team Officer, World Traveler, and Adventurer.  Sailor and Skier.  Sea Scout and Boy Scout.  Loved Dogs, Running, Marksmanship, and Loved Luncheons with his Brothers in Blue.   How do you define a life of love and adventure and the methods to get there?  DramaticRead more

Blue Santa program still thriving

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 12.6.22

HPD’s Blue Santa program, a community partnership that has thrived since its formation in 1984, is looking more like Christmas 365 days a year. Currently, Blue Santa officers are picking up their bags of toys to be distributed to at least 10,000 children from needy families on Patrol beats between now and Christmas Day. BlueRead more

Puppy adoptions at BARC

BARC on 12.6.22

#PawsToTheRescue: What’s better than one puppy? If you ask Sergeant Chan, we have a feeling he would say an armful of puppies! These cuties are all available for adoption! Thank you to our partners, Houston Police Officers’ Union, for helping us highlight our shelter pets each month!Read more

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The Presidents Message

Thank each of you for your hard work

I want to first take the time to thank each of you for the hard work and dedication you show to this city.  The members of the Houston Police Department are the best in the nation, and I am proud that you entrust our HPOU team to lead you into the new year.  Welcome to the new board of directors as we get to work on setting some long-term goals for the HPOU. One of my personal goals for this year is to work with the department and other groups to bring more tactical training to our members. With attacks on law enforcement on the rise, it is important that we be prepared.

We must remember that the future of this city is very dependent upon people who will step up to face the challenges of the department. Like all major cities, we are having issues with hiring, retention, manpower alloc

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Our woke is broke

I have been blessed to be in this department as long as I have been.  Over the years we have had events and situations that cause the department to react thus leading to new general orders, and new in-service classes. Over the last few years there has been a constant attack on law enforcement for more “transparency” within the eyes of the public.  Sadly, the public does not truly want transparency as policing is ugly and they can no longer stomach what we have to do to keep the citizens of this city safe.

The reality is that there is no way to fight a criminal and it look good. When in the middle of a true fight, you do whatever it takes to win that fight.  No officer goes into the public just beating on people or looking for anyone to shoot, but if you watch the media, it appear

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Fighting the good fight, just not in public.

I have been the president for almost two years now and often hear people complain that the Union doesn’t fight for the membership.  One member even stated that we are not “militant” enough.

We fight for our members daily, but I can understand why some would believe otherwise, because I fight most battles behind closed doors.  I do not feel that it benefits the organization, or the membership to battle in the public eye.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we are pushed to the point that we have to take it public.  This was evident during the press conference we held for the Northeast officers and Sergeant, that Acevedo wrongfully fired.  We made that a very public fight, even to the point that I was called into Acevedo’s office over my comments about his missing PR

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